Custom OEM/ODM Electric Graphene Infrared Light Therapy Mask for Skin Beauty

High Tech Graphene Facial Mask Light Sensation Skin Care Photology Tender Face Electric Mask-accelerate the blood circulation ,the resurrection of tissue cells,improve the skin.

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Item Name:Electric Graphene Infrared Light Therapy Mask for Skin Beauty 

what is Graphene?

Graphene is releaed ito the body when it is heated ,the same frequency of 6-14 um far infrared life wave ,deep penetration of the skin tissue,issued by the cell atomic and molecular resonance ,accelerate the blood circulation ,the resurrenction of tissue cells,improve the skin.

Our Infrared light beauty mask applies the high-tech graphene to resolve skin care problems,like wrinkles,collagen loss,skin relaxation,dark skin ,larger pores,long acne , spots, eye edema ,eye lines and dark circles.Perfect & Luxury infrared beauty mask instrument keep you more younger.


Product Specification:

Name:Graphene beauty mask

Power output: 9V-3A

Time control: 3 kinds Heating

Material: graphene two dimensional nano material             

Net weight:83g

Product size:195X170X120mm

Product color: White / Black


EFFECTIVELY SOLVE SKIN PROBLEMS -Open pores, cleanse then skin care, skin problems solved. This Graphene Infrared Mask penetrate your facial tissue to boost collagen, clear and tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin color, and much more.Enhance metabolism, improve human immunity, analgesic.

PROMOTE BLOOD CIRCULATION - When it gets hot, it emits 6-14um far-infrared light waves, which are almost the same as human life light waves, can effectively activate the body biological cells, promote blood circulation.Helps repairs dull skin and improves skin tone. Diluting wrinkles as well as making skin smooth and tender.

PERFECT FACIAL CARE MACHINE -Ideal beauty tool at home, in the office, on travel etc.Simple and convenient, can be reused.It is a self-service home professional beauty care instrument.

Function technology 

Hot compress can promote local vasodilation, improve the facial blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.

The temperature should not be too high, usually 40 ° C or 50 ° C, very compress about 20-30 minutes.


Step 1:First clean the skin and keep it clean before using this product Step 2:Connect the power supply, the adapter is connected with AC100-240V

power supply,and the other end of micro is connected to the host.


Step 3:Use the beauty mask to carry out hot compress nursing, or at the same time, 

use the mask essence better. Recommend 15-20 minutes for each time.

Step 4:Replenish water and moisten in time after use.

Kindly Reminder

Heat of use strength suggestion:

It is suggested that the time for each use should not exceed 

20 minutes, and the temperature should be set from 45 degrees 

C start, if the temperature is too high, should be reduced in time.

Operation precautions:

1, clean the face or apply the mask before use, put on the mask; 

2, adjust the temperature and time appropriately when using it; 

3, use 10-20 minutes every time. Time depends on temperature; 

4. This product can be used every day. It is recommended to use  it 3-5 times a week.

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