Custom Wholesale Travelling Hocl Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection Water Maker Hypochlorous Acid Generator

Wholesale Portable Disinfectant Maker Ozone Hocl Chlorine Dioxide Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Disinfection for Home and Travelling

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Item Name:Travelling Hocl Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection Water Maker Hypochlorous Acid Generator

Generally speaking, the Hypochlorous Making Machine is for producing sodium hypochlorite disinfectant, used for surface sterilization, air disinfection. The sterilization rate can be up to 99.99%.

OH- and HCLO- are produced by electrolytic water technology. Both OH- and HCLO- have strong oxidation, so they can sterilize efficiently and remove the electrons of residual pesticides and dirt molecules, so as to destroy the molecular chain of bacteria, viruses, pesticides and dirt, effectively eliminate the virus in the air or any surface.

Product Specification:

Recharging Current:5V

Rated power:3W


Charging Method:DC USB Charge


Net Weight:200g



1.Easy to Use of disinfectant manufacturing machine,that is 350g water+3g Salt.10 minutes manufacture disinfectant water.

2 .PC bottle design for food contact .waterproof charging port ,using usb cord for charging,high quality EHM disinfectant water maker.

3.The self-made disinfectant is environmentally friendly, safe, and has no toxic or side effects. It can be safely used but not drinkable. 

4.Compared with bottled disinfectant: homemade hypochlorous acid disinfectant can directly use edible salt and water as raw materials, which is more safe and convenient. 

5.Wide Range of Applications for home, office, restaurant, hotel, hospital, school, beauty salon, bathing center, etc. It can kill bacteria and virus on the surface of home furnishings like floor, tables, sofa, chair, doors, and pets or animal's living place, kitchen counter, kitchenware, air conditioners, refrigerators, toilet, toys, even hands and feet. No pollution, no residue, totally green and safe to use.

hypochlorous acid generator for home








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