How Do You Use Facial Skin Scrubber


The spatula skin scrubber is vibrated 28,000 times per second with ultrasonic low radio frequency to emulsify the excess sebum and dead skin cells secreted in the pores to achieve deep cleansing.

Our facial skin scrubber is Suitable for any skin, it can exfoliate, blackhead, and remove dirt in hair follicles.

Exfoliation time for shoveling operation is recommended to be 3 minutes for sensitive skin and 5 minutes for general skin.

Operating Steps for cleasing mode:

1. Hold the handle with the shovel head down to look like a "factory".

2. Prepare a glass bowl with clean water for later use, and hold the soaked cotton pad in your other hand.

3. When operating, make sure that the skin is moist and not dry.

4. After moistening the skin with a wet cotton pad, the spatula is at a 45° angle to the skin. Use a spatula to exfoliate or remove blackheads.

5. After exfoliating, clean any residue with a cotton pad.

If it is to remove blackheads with a spatula, you need to wet the cotton pad soaked in the blackhead extracting liquid on the nose, forehead and other areas with blackheads for about 5 minutes. Spray or apply a hot towel to accelerate the softening and dissolution of blackheads and oil.


The Steps for Promotion Essence Absorption

1. After cleansing, apply essence or gel on the face.

2. Apply cotton pad to the eye area to protect the eyes (apply a secondary mask directly behind), and apply wet gauze.

3. To reduce irritation, apply the gel again on the wet gauze.

4. Holding the handle, the head of the shovel plate upwards into an "L" shape, and the shovel plate is used for nutrition introduction.

The operation points should follow the direction of the muscles, the direction of lymphatic drainage from the inside to the outside, and finally focus on the front of the ears.

After importing in about 5 minutes, you can switch to the lifting mode to do face lift. The operation method is the same as the import, which is about 5 minutes.

If it is autumn and winter, when the skin is dry, you can apply a gel product on the customer's face, apply gauze, and operate on the gauze. After the end, you can directly apply a soft film.

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