No Harm for Baby ,Because You Have Best and Safe Baby Nail Trimmer.


The baby Electric nail cutter specially designed for babies only trims the nails and does not hurt the skin.

The slender gap of the U-shaped opening effectively ensures that only the nails are inserted in, and the finger flesh is completely blocked out!

 There is a safety gap from the blade to further protect the safety of the fingers and prevent the fingernails from being cut too short.

The aviation-grade titanium-aluminum alloy blade, driven by the internal gear, cuts the nails neatly! Will not crack, delaminate or chip nails.

The shape is designed to a chicken, which is too cute! The usage is super simple, just open it and you can start working. Put your nails in, make a few strokes along the edges of your nails, and you're done!

The cut nail scraps are stored inside the machine without splashing around. After using for a period of time, disassemble the cutter head part, it can be easily cleaned up.

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