What is the difference between IPL Removal and Laser Removal for hair removal?


IPL is the abbreviation of Intense pulsed light, which means strong pulsed light bai hair removal.

ipl photon hair removal is a kind of laser hair removal. It is best to use photon hair removal method, because the damage to the skin is relatively small, and the effect of treatment of hair removal is also obvious. Please pay attention to sun protection after the operation and avoid prolonged exposure. Or sunburn caused by ultraviolet rays, please be sure to drink more warm water.

Laser hair removal utilizes the abundant melanin in the hair follicles and hair shaft. Melanin is distributed between the cells of the hair bulb base and can also be transferred to the structure of the hair shaft (such as medulla, cortex, and small skin) . Laser can precisely and selectively perform hair removal treatment with melanin as the target. After the melanin absorbs the energy of the laser, the temperature rises sharply, which causes the destruction of the surrounding hair follicle tissue and removes the hair.

What is Ineowo ipl hair removal device?

. Adjustable 2 flash modes   

. 5 energy levels   

. Fast hiar removal

. High quality and safe to use at home

. Saving money & time

ipl hair removal device

Automatic Hair Remover

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